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San Diego County
Taxpayers Association

707 Broadway, Suite 905
San Diego, CA 92101

Telephone: (619) 234-6423
Fax: (619) 234-7403


The pension crisis is one of the top budgetary problems for nearly every level of government, from water and school districts to cities, counties and states, including right here in San Diego County. Unsustainable pension obligations are a budgetary time bomb threatening core public services and basic good governance. Pension reform is no longer optional if we want to keep our communities safe, repair our streets, and make sure libraries and recreation centers are open for families to enjoy.

It is essential that citizens stand firm and insist their elected officials implement meaningful pension reform immediately. Play your part by reading the information on this website, becoming informed and asking tough questions of the politicians that represent you. Support grass roots pension reform efforts and ballot initiatives. Join the San Diego County Taxpayers Association to help us continue our efforts to educate, inform, and hold our elected officials accountable for fixing the pension crisis now.